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New products

Created with passion for you: Discover the new creations of our confectioners and chocolatiers as well as current gift ideas in attractive packages.

New products
Flowers tin 440g

Flower tin 440g

Café Bâle in a gift pack 530g

Café Bâle in a gift pack 530g

Basler Läckerli au chocolat noir-lait in a gift pack 200g

Basler Läckerli au chocolat noir, lait in a gift pack 200g

Gold tin 755g

Gold tin 755g

Perles de Bâle Noisette 140g

Perles de Bâle Noisette 140g

Gems with a heavenly light and creamy filling
Tin Carnival 485g

Tin Carnival 485g

Tin Colour 220g

Tin Color 220g

Choco Snacky blanc 140g

Choco Snacky white 140g

Choco Snacky noir 140g

Choco Snacky black 140g

Choco Snacky lait 140g

Choco Snacky milk 140g

Tin Circles red 270g

Tin circles red 270g

Honey cashews lemon pepper 110g

Honigcashews Zitronenpfeffer 110g

Honey cashews Nordic Flair 110g

Honigcashews Nordic Flair 110g

Läckerli Nature aux Cranberries, 270g

Läckerli Nature aux Cranberries 270g

Gift box Checked pattern 785g

Box check 785g