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Chocolat Grand Cru Madagascar 64% noir 80g

Poetry for your palate

  • Conched for 72 hours to allow the full-bodied flavour to develop
  • With 64% Madagascan cocoa
CHF 6.70


An exquisite treat for lovers of dark chocolate: fine cocoa from the tropical island of Madagascar makes this Grand Cru chocolate real poetry for your palate.

Net weight 80g
Size 11 x 20,5 x 1 cm
Item No. 19606

ingredients and nutritional values


Ingredients: cocoa kernels, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla

cocoa in chocolate: 64%

May contain traces of almonds and hazelnuts.

nutritional values

100g enthalten: Energiewert 2454kJ (587kcal), Fett 43g, davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 26g, Kohlenhydrate 39g, davon Zucker 35g, Eiweiss 5g, Salz 0g


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