Läckerli Huus - Basler Original
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Our philosophy and the Läckerli Huus brand

Our philosophy

The highest standards of quality, right from the selection of the raw materials to the composition of our range of products and the variety of packaging, have always formed the basis of our activities.

The best, carefully selected ingredients and traditional confectioner skills
Only the best ingredients, selected carefully according to the strictest criteria, are used in our time-honoured recipes, passed down through the generations. The careful production of our specialities by our confectioner is not only achieved through application of the greatest expertise but also with a lot of love and passion. That's why regularly making new creations poses a particularly appealing challenge.

An exquisite range of Läckerli Huus specialities
We offer our steadily growing number of satisfied customers a wide selection of exquisite Läckerli Huus specialities, such as the incomparable Basler Läckerli Original, the unique cream caramels, the tempting Gelée Russe, the crispy filled variations of Flûtes de Bâle as well as other selected chocolate and biscuit specialities.

Attractive gift packagings
We are convinced that each and every speciality from Läckerli Huus is also perfect as a gift! We are particularly proud of our seasonally changing tins and the assorted packagings in which we arrange the various Läckerli Huus specialities, which always provide a nice surprise.

We take it as a great compliment if you find it difficult to decide what to choose from our large selection of attractive packages.

The Läckerli Huus brand
The Läckerli Huus premium brand includes the authentic Basler Läckerli Original, which offers fantastic quality with its traditional and unmistakable recipe, as well as further specialities from our company, all of which fulfil the same high demands with regard to quality, individuality, value, taste and enjoyment.

The Läckerli Huus brand stands for

  • quality
  • authenticity
  • trustworthiness
  • individuality
  • high quality
  • attractiveness
  • pleasure
  • premium presentation with popular appeal