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Läckerli Huus - over 100 years of sweet success

1903 André Klein
1904 Klein's Leckerli
1906 Neue Welt factory Münchenstein
1920 Launch of Halsfeger herb bonbons
1945 New factory Münchenstein
1960 Start of mail order
1973 Läckerli Huus branch Basel Gerbergasse

1903   The young confectioner André Klein sets off from Meiringen in the Bernese Oberland with the intention of emigrating to America.

He makes a stopover in Basel where he becomes a partner in a confectionery business.
1904   He takes over the business in Breisacherstrasse in Basel.

From today’s perspective, this step laid the foundation for Läckerli Huus. The Basler Läckerli Original have been an integral part of the range from the very beginning.
1906   The rapidly expanding company is soon in need of more space and moves into the former cotton-spinning works Sarasin&Heusler in Münchenstein, just outside of Basel.
1920   Launch of the first filled herbal cough candy in Switzerland under the brand name Halsfeger.
1920   Fully aware of their advertising impact, André Klein begins very early to package his products in decorative biscuit tins. Tins have continued to be an important type of packaging for Läckerli Huus and play a decisive role in making our specialities the perfect gift. For further details see: Historical biscuit tins
1945   The fire disaster in January 1945, which destroys the entire factory, is mastered by the company thanks to the great efforts of the entire staff. Within a year a new building is erected close to the original location and in which the Läckerli Huus specialities are still produced to this day.
1950   Opening of the first Läckerli Huus store in Basel, Steinenvorstadt 05, as well as the first sales stand at the MUBA public exhibition in Basel in 1954.
1960   Beginning of the mail order business domestically and internationally: the Läckerli Huus specialities are sent to customer’s homes.
1967   Opening of the store in Greifengasse in Basel.
1973   Opening of the store in Gerbergasse 57 / Falknerstrasse 34 in Basel: the original Läckerli Huus.


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